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Asphalt and Pavement Materials

The mission of the asphalt section is to test the asphalt and base course materials in the laboratory and in – situ using modern equipment under the supervision of a specialized team. Tests are conducted in accordance with ASTM & ASSHTO standards. The tests performed in the laboratory are the bitumen content, gradation of aggregates in the asphalt mixture, air voids, stability and flow for the asphalt mixture, quality of the base course and sub-base materials, and field density. also In order to keep rapidity with the development and speed of work, we conduct some tests in situ to ensure the pavement layers quality such as light weight deflect meter for in situ evaluation of the base course and sub-base degree of compaction, Results can be obtained directly at the site.


• Asphalt Mix Design, AASHTO – M 12
• Bitumen Content, AASHTO – T164
• Gradation, Sieve Analysis, AASHTO – T27
• Density, AASHTO – T166
• Stability & Flow, AASHTO – T245
• Prep. of Marshall, AASHTO – T 247
• Theoretical Max. Specific. Gravity (Gmm), AASHTO – T209
• Core Sampling, Density & Thickness, AASHTO – T230


• Sieve Analysis Coarse, ASTM – C136-2019
• Fine aggregate., ASTM – C136-2019
• Modified Proctor, AASHTO – T180
• CBR at 100% density, AASHTO – T193
• Liquid Limit, ASTM – D 4318-2017
• Plastic Limit, ASTM – D 4318-2017
• Plasticity Index, ASTM – D 4318-2017
• Field Dens. (Comp. Deg), ASTM – D 1556-2015
• Sand Equivalent, ASTM – D 2419-2014
• Los Angeles Abrasion Resistance., ASTM – C13
• Light weight Deflect Meter for in Situ Evaluation of Pavement Degree of Compaction.