Steel Test

The Quality Control &Testing for reinforcement steel bars, bolts, anchors and Section/Plates in addition to metal products such as frames & elements used in gypsum works, partitions and false ceilings are carried out in our center by using modern equipments in accordance to the latest International ISO, American ASTM, European BS EN & local PS standards thru various testing services such as:

1- Dimension and Weight
2- Tensile & Yield strengths, Elongation
3- Bend & Re bend for reinforcement steel
4- Metal framing dimensions and thickness
5- Metal framing bolts Penetration
6- Shear strength
7- Coating thickness of paint or galvanization


ASPHALT & ROAD PAVEMENT TESTING  Testing and evaluation of roads and pavement materials are carried out by our center in the laboratory and at the field, in accordance with the latest international & local standards such as, British BS, and American AASHTO...

Evaluation of existing Structure

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Soil Investment

GEOTECHNICAL STUDIES AND INVISTIGATION  These services require specialists in geotechnical investigation and special equipment to conduct site and lab testing. Our center owns three different types of rigs which could be utilized to perform testing in different...