Material Testing

Tests on material and construction products are daily performed to determine their engineering properties. Tests are usually performed according to predefined standards and specifications and rarely performed according to the client’s non-standards requirements.

Our Center team is capable to carry out many types of tests on materials, concrete, asphalt, stones, Tiles, and other construction materials products. Following our quality system procedures, all available tests are performed according to strictly predefined consequences where verification and approval of results are only done by knowledgeable and responsible experts in their field.

Our team is always ready to answer clients’ and engineers’ questions regarding test results, and steps for further treatment. As an output of each test, a test certificate or report is issued in a special form and submitted to the client. Most of our reports are in the English language, Arabic language is used only upon request from the client.

Destructive and non-destructive tests are also available at our Center. where special equipment and instruction are available.

Concrete, Masonry and Aggregate



Asphalt and Pavement Materials

Plastic, Steel and Concrete Pipes

Tiles and Natural Stone

Glass, Safety Glazing Material and Guardrail Systems

Tanks, Vessel, Silo, Inspection and Welding Testing

Analysis and Evaluation of Test Results