Site Test


Asphalt tests

ُEvaluation of existing structure

Aggregates tests

Engineering Studies

Non Destructive test

Steel Bars


Self compacting concrete

Soil Investment


 These services require specialists in geotechnical investigation and special equipment to conduct site and lab testing.

Our center owns three different types of rigs which could be utilized to perform testing in different conditions such as in open area like fields, roads and construction plots, and in narrow areas as in old cities and historic sites.

 Our experience reached a comparatively high level of investigations for cement industry potential, quarry reserves for stone crushing to produce aggregates and so on.

 Our routine business where boring and sampling is a common task to investigate soil bearing capacity, slope stability studies, design of retaining walls.

 Special field tests like Standard Penetration test (SPT), Cone Penetration Test (CPT), Shelby Sample, Vane Shear Test, Continuous Coring (Wireline Method), Permeability Test, Plate Bearing Test, Pile Integrity Test and Static Pile Load Test are also common in our performance.

 Special lab tests on soil samples are also part of our services such as:

 Triaxial Test

  • Consolidation Test,
  • Direct Shear Test,
  • Permeability,
  • Unconfined Compressive Strength,
  • Point Load Test,
  • Chemical Analysis, sulfate, chloride and pH value.
  • Conductivity test.
  • Corrosivity Test for Buried Pipeline and Other Test.

 Geophysical survey such as: Vertical Electrical Sounding, Site seismic Survey.