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Studies and Consultancy Service

CES-GMT can provide studies and consultancy service in the following fields: –

1- Developing structure system and concepts for new buildings, especially with long span concrete and steel structure.

2- Quarrying potential where new location could be studied physically and economically, preserve potential of rock layers and their properties all threw the existing strata could determine to complete a feasibility study of big and medium project.

3- Environmental Impact Assessment studies CECESCO-GMT can prepare such studies in cooperation Hima Company in Jordan, where specialized environmental team cooperate to prepare EIA studies for different industries according to the requirement of official bodies in charge.

4- Studies on retaining structure, when difficult contours are met, we can provide geotechnical studies to select economic solution to retain high cuts and slopes using conventional structures and or new geotechnical materials such as geogrids and geotextiles of different types.

5- Studies on selecting the cladding system suitable for the specific project, these studies are essential when the architect confused in selecting the proper methods for cladding new type of stone panels for new project where combined condition could minimize the durability and safety of stone cladding, thus jeopardize the architectural integrity of it, these type of studies are to include chemical, mechanical and. Structural component.

6- Studies on Seismic Vulnerability of the existing structures to explore risk potentials and to recommend methods for strengthening and retrofitting. This includes old, heritage and new structures.