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Tanks, Vessel, Silo, Inspection and Welding Testing

Testing and Inspection for tanks, vessels and silos used for fuel, gas, water and storage purposes are carried out by our center in accordance to the latest international standards such as ASME, AWS, API and EN using modern equipment and instruments including none destructive (NDT) techniques and methods as follow :

• Pressure test
• Leakage test
• Dimensions test
• Martial Thickness test
• Hardness test
• Coating thickness for paint and galvanization test
• Welding – Visual Test for Ferro & non Ferro materials, ASME /AWS
• Welding – Liquid Pentrant, ASME /AWS
• Welding -Ultrasonic test- Equipment – MFD620C, ASME /AWS
• Welding – Magnetic Particle Test, ASME /AWS
• Welding – Vacuum Box Test, ASME /AWS
• Paint & Coating thickness Test, ASTM D1186/ISO 19840
• Pinholes & Holidays in Paints, ASTM D5162/ ISO 8289

8.1- None – Destructive (NDT) Tests for welding


Non-destructive testing (NDT) is essential to ensuring that defects in welds are detected on an assembly line prior to being used. Lacking an effective means by which to determine whether errors exist, faulty welds could lead to problems, some of which could be disastrous depending on the items being welded (for example oil or gas pipelines and tanks) to include and not limited the following tests

◦ Visual Testing (VT):

◦ Liquid penetrant Testing (PT):

◦ Ultrasonic Testing (UT):

◦ Vacuum Testing (UT):