Our Services

Our center is conducting multiple services and diversity testing but integrated together to provide the at most knowledge to help engineers and owners develop their concepts.

Our services are in five main types as follow:

1. Material testing quality control & inspection.

       1.1 Concrete, Aggregate & Precast concrete products
       1.2 Cement
       1.3 Reinforcement bars, Manhole covers & Steel products
       1.4 Asphalt and Pavement Materials
       1.5 Tiles and Natural Stone
       1.6 Plastic, Steel and Concrete Pipes
       1.7 Glass, Safety Glazing Material & Guardrail Systems
       1.8 Tanks, Vessel, Silo, Inspection & Welding Testing.

2. Geotechnical investigation.

3. Structural evaluation of existing structures.

4. Structural design & Supervision.

5. Studies and Consultancy.


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